Desktop Lightroom Presets + Mobile

Created for Professional Photographers

Breathe new life into your edits with these gorgeous presets, all designed to help you achieve a cohesive look on your home & decor photos. Your purchase includes the Desktop version of my JBC Lightroom Presets, as well as a complimentary mobile version.  These Presets are designed for Professional Photographers who are looking to add a little variety to their preset game.  They work their absolute best when used on RAW images and are designed for photos taken in natural light spaces with an abundance of neutral tones and textures.


before and after photos

6 Presets

Plenty of options to help you find a preset that fits your ideal style.

Amazing Edits

More than just a quick fix.  These presets give you the power to create the ideal edit for your brand!

Video Tutorials

Easy tutorials designed to help you make the most of these powerful tools.

Enjoy Editing Again

It can be so frustrating trying to edit photos when you don’t have the right tools.  I created a powerful set of Lightroom & ACR Presets specifically designed for stock, product and interior photography.  Take the guesswork out of editing and finally get the look you want for your growing business!

 Jana Bishop

A Perfect Solution

  You all know I love it when things are simple and easy to use.  Jana’s Lightroom Presets are a lifesaver!  If you are shop owner or product photographer trying to achieve a cohesive look for your brand, this collection of presets is exactly what you need.

 Rosemary Watson
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