?Dealing with yellow hues.?

Goodness…it’s probably one of the most overlooked parts of editing interior photos. Even if you shoot with all of the ambient lights off (think lamps, ceiling fan lights, can lights, etc) your photos will still pick up a yellow tint. Why is that?

It’s usually as a result of the other items in the photo reflecting onto the scene. The before image (scroll down to see it) is an excellent example. Even with all of the ambient lights turned off, the bookshelf still has a yellow hue. It’s because the sunlight filling the room is also bouncing off of the metallic and wooden items on the shelf, as well as the wood floors in the room. Giving the image a golden/yellow hue.

Now, I could have fussed over the white balance in my camera to avoid this. But, y’all…I don’t enjoy that stuff. Some people geek out over getting the image perfect in camera. I don’t even worry about it. ? That frees me up to have fun on the photo shoot instead of worrying about minor details that can be easily fixed when I edit.

I color corrected this image by using JBC Preset # 1. It pulled the yellow tones right out of the image ⚡️ ((like magic)) and made the other colors pop! Simple, easy edit that took less than 3 seconds to complete. Love it!!! Keep scrolling to watch the one-click edit in action.



Watch me edit this photo using my JBC Preset #1.  It took less than 3 seconds and the results are amazing!

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