Did you know when I first started out in business I was too afraid to post a picture of myself on Instagram? This is the ONE photo I had to post and I cringed anytime someone asked for a headshot. I had another business that I poured my heart into and let’s just say it didn’t last long.

After several failed attempts at establishing a profitable business…I was discouraged, frustrated and honestly, I wanted to find something to hide behind.⠀

To my surprise, TwigyPosts (now the Jana Bishop Collection) began to grow shortly after I started it. As sales rolled in and Instagram likes began to increase I was shocked that success and profitability seemed to happen so easily and with much less effort than my other business ventures.⠀

Looking back on it I can see why. Stock photos allowed me the freedom to show up on social media as much as I wanted! Even though the thought of posting a picture of myself was overwhelming at the time…I still wanted to engage. I knew I needed a presence online and having stock photos to post was like the GOLDEN ticket. I had finally found an easy way to connect with my audience. Being able to post freely and let my personality shine through in my captions created a massive domino effect. I started to associate Instagram with having fun! And my desire to keep engaging online allowed me the chance to advertise my products for FREE!  My success had a large part to do with my positive experiences!

For those of you on my email list, (current members we will talk about this in depth in the FB group, I have extra goodies to share with you ☺️) I am sending out an email this morning that will hands down…change your life. In it I talk about the power of social media and the steps I took to help make my dream a reality. In fact, the majority of sales that make up my thriving six-figure business stem from Instagram…and it can be the same way for you too. It’s not a magic formula. It’s creating a consistently positive experience.  And that happens when you have the right tools.
No matter how new you are to the world of online business and social media strategy…I can help you!!! Let me be a helping hand as you create your dream brand online. I’m here for you!!!

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