Are you a goal setter?

I am. I write down my goals every day. Some are big, giant, scary goals like (earn one million dollars before my 40th birthday) and some are small, kind reminders to myself that help keep my priorities in line. One of the things I LOVE about this practice is that it is a daily reminder to have faith and be thankful.

Writing down my goals has given me the chance to ask for the big stuff while acknowledging the little things along the way. Because let’s be honest, the little things matter too! I probably won’t make a million dollars off of one sale, but each and every stock photo, preset and membership sale certainly carves a path to that BIG number!

Let’s have a little fun today. Shake off what makes sense and dig deep into your dreams. Tell me your huge goal. ? Then, write it on a sticky note and put it on your desk, or your fridge, mirror…anywhere you can see it. ? Do this every day. Write your goal/dream on a piece of paper every single day and say this “ I am so thankful I (insert your goal)!” Mine looks like this “I am so thankful I made $1,000,000 before my 40th Birthday!”

It’s a fun and exciting way to acknowledge what God can do while staying thankful for what he has already done on your behalf.
Try it and see what happens!

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